Our Founder
Matchamon (Ton Nam) Pianpitham

“I believe that every child has the potential and power much larger than any of them can imagine. They all have in themselves, the power of creativity, the power of change, and the power to bring smiles, create opportunities, and most importantly, the power of giving. Because, “Every act of giving, sharing, and kindness is the best gift everyone can afford to give.”

Email: matchamonp21@rism.ac.th



Main Team 
Veerinrada (Prai Fah) Pianapitham

“Not everyone is born equal. Some are given more opportunities than others, some are not getting as much. But there is something I believe we all have in common: kindness. Our kindness does not depend on our physical appearance, but rather what comes from within. The act of giving is kindness everyone is capable of. You don’t need to be rich or born into a wealthy family, just by creating smiles and giving opportunities to others, you are giving them the best gift they can afford.”

Email: veerinradap23@rism.ac.th

Main Team
Nuntita (Torfun) Chitmeesilp:

“Every child is the force of our future. I believe that every child should have the right to live a beautiful life. Not everyone is born with the same opportunity to have a good life, it is our job to give them a hand, empower them, and fill in that gap of opportunity that they never get in the beginning, so that they can have a great life in the future.”

Email: nuntitac21@rism.ac.th

Main Team
Manasanan (Aom) Kongkerdlap:

"Because everyone has the right to smile as brightly as one another. With the effort we put in, I want these children to be able to smile a little more and laugh a little louder every day. I want to do it for these children's fantastic future. We all are born with unequal development assets, but the choice to share, make changes, and give opportunities is a choice. This is the choice we will make.”

Email: manasanank21@rism.ac.th

Main Team
Nayada (Noon) Suongsarath

As quoted by Phyllis Diller, “a smile is a curve that sets everything right.” All of us are born with a choice; a choice to help, and a choice to give. I hope that our efforts would help bring a smile to the faces of these children, to help better their futures and brighten their world, one step at a time.

Email: nayadas21@rism.ac.th